IX International Scientific Conference


Crystallization and materials of the future

13 - 16 September 2016 .

Ivanovo, Russia

First circular in pdf format First circular in pdf format

General information


Constantly growing interest of scientists of all world to research of processes of crystallization leads to regular replenishment of the information on theoretical research in this area and about the decision of set of the applied problems connected with crystallization processes in fields of nanotechnology, engineering and medicine. The decision of this problem will be promoted by the IX International scientific conference on Kinetics and Mechanism of Crystallization, which will be held in Ivanovo from 13 till 16 September, 2016.




  • Federal Space Agency
  • Russian Foundation for Basic Research
  • G.A. Krestov Institute of Solution Chemistry of RAS
  • Russian Academy of Sciences

  • Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • Ivanovo State University of Chemical Technology



Chairman: Corresp. member of RAS I.V.Melikhov, Moscow State University, Moscow

Co-chairman: Prof. A.G. Zakharov, Institute of Solution Chemistry of the RAS, Ivanovo

Co-chairman: Prof. M.G. Kiselev .,  Institute of Solution Chemistry of the RAS, Ivanovo

Scientific secretary: Dr. O.V. Alexeeva, Institute of Solution Chemistry of the RAS, Ivanovo



Sections and Topics


Section I.

Fundamentals of creating crystalline materials

    Models of crystallization processes. Mechanisms of formation, dissolution and topochemical  transformations of crystals

    Crystallization processes under supercritical conditions

    The mechanism of crystallization under external effects


Section II.

Functional and structural materials of a new generation

    Methods for the synthesis of crystallized nanomaterials  (the colloidal techniques for  organic synthesis, the organometallic structures)

    Management of the properties of materials in the crystallization process

    Materials for electronics, optics and photonics.

    The management of crystallization within creating of very pure substances, powders and ceramic materials

    Hybrid, based multicomponent composites materials and liquid crystal polymers. Models of the polymer films formation.


Section III.

Pharmaceutics. Materials for medicine. crystallization

    Methodology of creating materials of medical supplies

    Preparation of soluble and long-acting forms of the drug compounds based on innovative technologies

    Polymorphism drug compounds and pharmaceutical systems. Scientific basis for improving the solubility of drug compounds. Problems separation of enantiomers of drugs

    New delivery systems of active pharmaceutical ingredients

    Problems of crystallization of biosimilar


Conference program


The programme of the conference includes plenary lectures, section report, poster session and master-class of leading scientists.

IV National School for Young Scientists on the kinetics and mechanism of crystallization will be held within the scope of IX International scientific conference "Kinetics and Mechanism of Crystallization. Crystallization and materials of the future"


Official languages of the Conference is Russian and English.



Participants should fill in Registration form on Conference send it by e-mail not later than 1 May 2016 .


Registration form


All foreign participants will need the entry visa to Russia. We recommend all participants to apply themselves for tourist visa to a tourist agency in your country. In case you are not successful to get a tourist visa we can help to get business visa, but it is complicate and long-term procedure. The deadline of business visa application is May 1, 2016.

Please fill in visa form and send it with a copy of the first page of your passport to Organising Committee if you need our assistance in getting of business visa to Russia You will receive an official invitation from us in 2 months after we will receive your visa form. Please enclose this official invitation to your application for a business visa to Russian Consulate.


Registration fees


The registration fee includes the attendance at the Conference, Conference documentation and proceedings, attendance at the Welcome Reception,

interval refreshments.


Participant - EUR 150

Accompanying person -  EUR 100

Graduate student registration - EUR 100


Registration fee should be paid May 1, 2016.  



How to prepare abstracts

  1. Abstract has to be prepared on a sheet of A4 size (297 x 210 mm) with the following margins: left, right, upper, and bottom 2.5 cm. The single spaced text should be typed using Times New Roman font (12 pts) with 1.25 cm indention.

2. Start at the top with the title of your contribution (centre aligned paragraph, capital, bold, 14 pts font).

3. Type the author name(s) (centre aligned, 12 pts). Underline the author delivering the paper

4. Below the author name(s) and type the affiliation (centre aligned, italic, 12 pts) of each author with full postal and e-mail addresses

5. Then skip two lines and begin your abstract text (justified, 12 pts).

6. Abstracts must be submitted electronically as an e-mail attachment to the Conference Secretary (crystal2016@isc-ras.ru) by May 1, 2016.

The main email message to which the abstract is attached should indicate:

(a) preference for poster or oral presentation;

(b) the most appropriate section(s);

(c) the speaker;

(d) the corresponding author (including e-mail address as well as telephone and fax numbers).

Please include the family name of the presenting author in the subject line.

The name of file should consist of the family name and initials, for instance SmithB.doc (if author present two reports, the file name of the second one should be SmithB2.doc.

Final assignments of each paper will be included in the acceptance letter.



The Ivanovo region is located in the centre of the European part of Russia, 300 kilometres north-east of Moscow, on intersection of main transport lines that connects Moscow and western regions of Russian Federation with east and north-east regions of the country.


Ivanovo traditionally is one of several leading industrial centres of Russia and it is well known by it's textile and heavy industry. Till now the two thirds of cotton fabrics of Russian Federation is produced by Ivanovo factories. Chemical, food and furniture production in the region is well developed too.


Ivanovo region is part of famous tourist's route - "Golden ring of Russia", on its territory is concentrated a number of historical and cultural monuments. The Golden Ring is a name for several towns located around Moscow: Vladimir, Suzdal, Ivanovo, Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Rostov, Pereslavl. Most interesting and historically important places near Ivanovo are Plyos on Volga river and small town of Palekh - native land of an internationally known Russian lacquer miniature.



Tourist hotel (http://www.ivanovoturist.ru) will be the conference site and place of participant accommodations. Conference hall, restaurant, and about two hundred rooms are situated in one building which located near the city center.

Reference hotel rates for accommodation and breakfast quoted in Rubles inclusive of VAT


All participants should make a hotel reservation through Organizing Committee by e-mail crystal2016@isc-ras.ru

Participants have no guarantee to get a room without preliminary reservation. Participants will pay for accommodation at registration desk upon arrival.





G.A. Krestov Institute of Solution Chemistry of RAS

Akademicheskaya Street, 1, 153045 Ivanovo, Russia.

Fax: +7-4932-336237


E-mail: crystal2016@isc-ras.ru

WWW: http://crystal.isc-ras.ru


Executive secretary of the Organising Committee:         

Dr. Olga V. Alekseeva

Telephone:  +7-4932-351859

Key dates


May 1, 2016

submission of registration forms

May 1, 2016

submission of abstracts

May 1, 2016

submission of visa forms

May 1, 2016

registration fee payment



The Organizing Committee plans some excursions for all participants and accompanying persons.

A Welcome Party and banquet are expected during the conference.

More details information will be announced later.