General information

April 15th, 2023 : Deadline for pre-registration

May 15th, 2023 : Deadline for the payment of the registration fees

May 15th, 2023 : Deadline for oral and poster abstract presentation


Registration of conference participants is conducted on the conference website

pplications for participation in the conference will be accepted until April 15th, 2023

Registration of the conference participants are performed in two stages:

  1. Registration on the conference website is required to create a personal profile.
  2. Аpplication for participation in the conference is required

You must register on the conference website and gain access to the personal profile of the conference participant by selecting the "Registration" option on the top panel, filling out the registration form and clicking the "REGISTER" button.

After completing the participant registration form a letter with a login, password and instructions for completing the registration will be sent on the specified e-mail. To complete the registration, You need to click on the link provided in the letter.

If the letter with instructions is not received, you must contact the organizing committee at (contact person: Dr. Ulyana Chervonova) to obtain a password.

Using the link, by entering the login and password specified in the letter, the participant automatically goes to the page with the APPLICATION FOR PARTICIPATION form, which includes providing information about reports, uploading abstracts, registering accompanying persons (if any) and providing information about the need to book accommodation .

To apply for participation, you must fill in ALL fields of the form, selecting the required values, and should press the "SAVE" button to send the request.

 Editing information is performed through the "My Account" forms.

Editing the application of a conference participant is performed through the form "Application for participation".

After submitting the application, the information is available for editing

For posting information about the report you must select the option "PLACE A REPORT" in the application form and then enter and save the name of the report in the appropriate field.

You can post abstracts and change the title of the report and files with abstracts until May 15, 2023.

The procedure for registration of accompanying persons.

Accompanying persons do not go through self-registration. Information about accompanying persons is entered in the application for participation by the participants of the conference.

 Contact person for solution of the the all the issues related to the registration, site operation and abstracts placement:

Dr. Ulyana Chervonova (ISC RAS)

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